The School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) are the primary provider within the local area of immunisations for primary and adolescent school children. Their clinical work is supported by lessons which they deliver into classrooms to promote the importance of immunisations. 

The team works from hubs based in Stafford, Tamworth & Leek covering approximately 400 primary schools, 100 Secondary schools, 35 Special Schools and 25 Alternative Education Establishments.

Currently, the team provides; Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (Td/IPV), Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY), Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and Flu nasal/intramuscular vaccinations.

The Adolescent programme for 2022/2023 will resume again in January 2023.


The proposed schedule for this to take place is as follows:

  • Year 8 – HPV and MMR (if required)
  • Year 9 – Td/IPV, MenACWY and HPV as per normal schedule alongside missed MMR
  • Year 10 & Year 11 – To be offered any missing vaccinations - Td/IPV, MenACWY, HPV and MMR

Vaccination sessions will be offered at schools using an online consent form system, which allows parents to consent for their child's vaccination(s) at school or within a clinic setting. If schools are unable to accommodate or vaccination(s) are missed then we will be offering community clinic venues for parents to access using this system.


Please click on this link to view a full schedule of routine childhood immunisations.

Please click on this link to view information on teenage immunisations for ages 14 to 18.


Information Leaflets For Adolescent Vaccinations:

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Meningitis ACWY (MenACWY)

Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio (Td/IPV)

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

Our Adolescent Community Clinics for 2022-2023



Eligibility for The Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme 2022/2023 will include:

  • All Schools – Reception to Year 9 (date of commencement has not yet been confirmed for children in school years 7, 8 & 9)
  • Special Education Provision - Reception to Year 13 (up to the age of 18)

Vaccination sessions will be offered at schools using an online consent form system, which allows parents to consent for their child's vaccination(s) at school or within a clinic setting. If schools are unable to accommodate or vaccination(s) are missed then we will be offering community clinic venues for parents to access using this system.

If your child has missed their flu vaccination or if you require any further information on the vaccine then please contact the SAIS on 0300 124 0366. Please do not email the service with any queries or requests for clinic appointments or information as these emails may not be responded to.


Please click here to view the selection of information leaflets and posters for the Flu vaccination for children.

Our Flu Community Clinics for 2022-2023



The online electronic consent form system is where you will be able to complete the consent form(s) for your child's vaccination(s). Your child's school will communicate a code to you via their usual method of communication with parents/guardians with which you will be able to access and complete the online consent form(s) for your child to recieve their vaccination(s).

If you have diffculties completing the online consent form(s) for your child's vaccination(s) then please contact the service on 0300 124 0366. Queries made via email for this may not be responded to.


Forms must be completed by person(s) with PARENTAL RESPONSIBILTY

The person(s) with parental responsibility will usually, but not invariably be the child’s birth parents.  People with parental responsibility for the child include: the child’s mother; the child’s father if married to the mother at the child’s conception, birth or later; a legally appointed guardian; the local authority if the child is on a care order; or a person named in a residence order in respect of the child.  Fathers who have never been married to the child’s mother will only have parental responsibility if they acquired it through a court order or parental responsibility agreement. After the 30th November 2003 unmarried fathers have automatic parental responsibility for their children if they are named on the birth certificate. 

For a child born before the 30th November 2003, they can be re-registered and the father named on the birth certificate, after which the father will have automatic parental responsibility.


Who is collecting the data?

The School Aged Immunisation Service at Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) is collecting information about your child to ensure we have up-to-date health information about their health at the time you are consenting for them to receive an immunisation. Their demographic information is used to ensure we identify their electronic health record accurately.

What data is being collected?

We ask for basic demographic data to allow us to identify them and their health record. The information about their health is utilised by the nurses to ensure that they can confirm that the immunisation is suitable for them.

What is the legal basis for processing the data?

UK GDPR articles 6(1)(e) and 9(2)(h) and the Data Protection Act 2018 allows for processing of your child’s data for the provision of direct healthcare and the management of healthcare systems.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

We do not share your information with any individual or organisation outside of the National Health Service (NHS). Your child’s data will be shared with the following NHS third parties and systems for the purposes of maintaining your child’s health record for the safety of your child’s health:

  • General Practice (GP) – this is to inform your GP of what vaccinations your child has received to avoid duplicate vaccination
  • Child Health Informatics Service (CHIS) – this is the NHS Service that manage the uploading of children’s vaccination information.
  • NHS Improvement & NHS England – a summary of how many children have been vaccinated is provided and the vaccination status of your child is shared for national reporting

How will the information be used?

We collect data on consent forms to allow us to record if you have consented to their immunisation and to assess your child’s eligibility and to allow the nurses to make decisions about the safe vaccination of your child.

How long will the data be stored for?

In line with the NHSX Records Management Code of Practice.

What rights does you have?

For further information, please view MPFT's Privacy Notice and go to the section called ‘Individuals Rights’

If have any questions or queries about this privacy notice, please contact

The Immunisation Schedule 2022/2023 shows you which schools the SAIS will be visiting to undertake vaccination sessions.

Information to follow

Referral criteria

Children are automatically offered vaccinations within the relevant school year. If a child has missed a routine vaccination then a referral can be accepted via email or a telephone call to the office. Referrals are accepted from parents, carers, teaching staff, GPs, other healthcare professionals and social workers.

School Age Immunisation Service Contact Details

Phone numbers, fax and email

Phone lines are open from: 08:30am - 16:00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)