The Community Cancer and Supportive Therapies team is responsible for providing oncology/haematology (cancer) care and support closer to patients’ homes.

A small team of oncology/haematology-trained nurses and an administration assistant work in the community, providing care to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

The team provide physical, psychological, social and spiritual support to patients and their carers and/or family in their own home during treatment.  Patients can contact the team at any time to arrange a visit or for advice, support and management of the side effects of chemotherapy.

This service also helps to identify when a patient may require admission to hospital for further treatment and also helps reduce the number of inappropriate admissions to hospital.

The team also run community oncology/haematology clinics in five locations in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. The team deliver intravenous supportive therapies and deliver other treatments and interventions.

The service works closely with a variety of other local NHS cancer and support services and voluntary agencies/hospices.

Cancer and Supportive Therapies Team Contact Details

Shelton Primary Care Centre

Norfolk Street

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Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Trust Headquarters, St. George's Hospital, Corporation Street, Stafford ST16 3SR


Switchboard number

0300 790 7000
(staffed 24 hours a day, every day)

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