Podopaediatrics is a specialist area of podiatry that specifically focuses on the developing lower limb in children.  The service delivers specialist assessment and appropriate treatment, screening, advice and where necessary, onward referral, in order to improve quality of life. By assessing and treating lower limb musculoskeletal abnormalities in children, the ultimate aim is to prevent potentially debilitating and costly conditions in later life.

The service is available to children and young people aged 0-18 years of age who are registered with a GP associated in South Staffordshire, and who have a lower limb condition that is causing pain and/or compromising function

  • The service provides specialist assessment and intervention for children and young people who present with lower limb conditions that cause pain, and/or compromise function, and impact on their quality of life.
  • Specialist paediatric podiatrists have a specific interest and expertise in working with children and young people who present with a wide range of lower limb conditions.
  • The service is delivered within the community at various clinic locations.
  • The service provides specialist support, education, training and expert advice from diagnosis through to discharge and where appropriate transfer to adult services.
  • The service assesses, discusses and delivers personalised care plans to meet individual objectives and reduce lower limb risk.
  • We aim to reduce unnecessary paediatric hospital referrals; we work in partnership with other professionals where applicable to provide a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • The service aims to enable individuals with disabilities and long term conditions to optimise quality of life and independence within the limits of their illness or condition.
  • There is an emphasis on preventative intervention aimed at reducing potential problems in later life

Referral Criteria

Referrals will only be accepted for children and young people of 0 - 18 years registered with a GP in the following locations:

  • Stafford and Surrounds CCG
  • Cannock Chase CCG
  • South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG

Out of area referrals are accepted based on specific need.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Pain (foot, ankle, leg, knees, hips, “growing pains”)
  • Abnormal gait
  • Foot deformities
  • Lower limb pathology / malfunction – associated with abnormal foot function
  • Parental concern

Direct GP referral is the primary referral route, with indirect GP referrals from orthopaedic triage, rheumatology, health visitors, school nurses and physiotherapists (west locality) and PCOS (east locality.) Referral information is expected to provide sufficient triage information to evidence suitability for referral (in line with the above criteria) and to support prioritisation. Referrals are returned with a request for further information when necessary.

The Paediatric Podiatry Service only accept referrals from medical professionals which include but are not exclusive to:

  • GP’s
  • Consultants
  • Health Visitors
  • School Nurses
  • Acute and Community Paediatric health services
  • Other Allied Healthcare Professionals

Podiatry (Children) Contact Details

Phone numbers, fax and email

Paediatric Referrals: Appointment Booking Centre, PO Box, 7014, Civic Centre, Beecroft Road, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS12 9GT 

Clinics are held at three locations:

West Chadsmoor Clinic, Clarion Way, West Chadsmoor, Cannock WS11 4NJ


Stafford Central Clinic,
Second Floor, Civic Offices,
Riverside, Stafford, 
ST16 3AQ

Wilnecote Health Centre,
Smithy Lane, Wilnecote,    Tamworth
B77 5LB