What is a 'Chronic Pain Service' and who can we help?

This service is available to people aged 18 and over with chronic (or persistent) pain that is impacting on day-to-day life. Currently the service is only available to people who are registered with a North Staffordshire GP.

The chronic pain service is delivered by a team of pain specialists including advanced physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, and a consultant in pain medicine. 

What is chronic (or persistent) pain?

Short-term (or acute) pain after an injury or illness is common. This type of pain should go away within 3 months. When it continues for longer than expected, we call this type of pain, chronic (or persistent). 

However, chronic pain is not always caused by injury or illness. Some people find that their symptoms start without any obvious cause.

This short video explains this further:

How can a chronic pain service help?

It is often not possible to 'fix' chronic pain and the reasons for this are complex. Although this is understandably disappointing, our approach focuses on helping to reduce the impact that pain has on your mood, work, social activities, and family life. 

This can include helping you to:

  • Understand more about chronic pain
  • Decide which of your current pain management strategies are working / not working
  • Explore your current physical activity levels and how to avoid unhelpful activity patterns
  • To notice unhelpful thoughts and feelings that are getting in the way of life
  • Re-engage in activities that matter most to you
  • Cope better with pain during flare-ups
  • Reduce unhelpful pain medications

We offer pain management input in either a group format or individually. Outpatient clinics are held at Milehouse Primary Care Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme; Biddulph Primary Care Centre, and Leek Moorlands Hospital.  

This short video explains this further:

I am interested in this approach to pain management, what should I do next?

Please speak to your GP or healthcare provider and ask them to refer you using the NHS 'e-Referral Service' or by sending a clinic letter and up-to-date clinical information summary to the email address below. 

What will happen at my first appointment?

Prior to your appointment you will be sent a set of short questionnaires. Please complete these and bring them with you to your appointment, in addition to an up-to-date prescription if you take regular medicines. Your assessment will be with an experienced pain specialist who will discuss your pain history and the impact that pain has on your life currently.

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation - IMPACT Service Contact Details

Haywood Hospital, High Lane, Stoke on Trent ST67AG

Email: impact.pain@mpft.nhs.uk

Tel: 0300 124 5024 (Option 4)