The community respiratory team provides specialist community based services to people with a wide range of respiratory diseases.

Primarily, the service offers:

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Management of acute exacerbations (flair-ups)
  • General management (of unstable symptoms)
  • Respiratory physiotherapy (chest clearance)

The community respiratory team promote independent living and self management for people with a respiratory condition through specialist symptom and disease management, exacerbation avoidance and lifestyle support. The team assess, provide and monitor oxygen for those who need it and establish this therapy to enhance the quality of life for the user.

The multidisciplinary team consists of specialist nurses, doctors, therapists and physiologists who deliver services through community clinics, domiciliary visits and multidisciplinary team meetings. A major aspect of patient care is delivered in group sessions as pulmonary rehabilitation. This is a programme of education and exercise for patients with a chronic respiratory condition. 

Rehabilitation courses increase exercise capacity, improve walking distance and teach people to cope with breathlessness, fatigue, depression and anxiety, and overall help to better manage periods of breathlessness more effectively.

The service also provides the patient with the skills and knowledge to best self-manage their condition to reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital. 

The pulmonary rehabilitation course consists of a six to eight week group programme delivered in a friendly supportive atmosphere and includes; 

  • Advice on lung health and coping with breathlessness including practical application.
  • An exercise programme, carefully tailored to each individual.
  • An in-depth education programme.

The service also provides education for patients and healthcare professionals across Staffordshire. 

The team currently accepts referrals from consultants, nurses, allied health professionals, GPs, practice nurses and community matrons.

Patient Information Leaflets:

The following print leaflets provide information about managing respiratory conditions:

Useful Websites

Asthma Lung UK has information covering a wide selection of respiratory conditions:

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care has a selection of materials aimed at coping with shortness of breath.

Right Breathe is a website and app providing information about inhalers, spacers, and care pathways for people with respiratory conditions.

Educational YouTube Videos

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust have videos on the following subjects:

The Body Coach YouTube channel has some helpful exercise programmes:

Respiratory Service Contact Details

North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke Health Centre,

Cannock Chase Respiratory Service

Heath Hayes Health Centre, 
WS12 3TG

Stafford Respiratory Service

Weeping Cross Health Centre, Bodmin Avenue, Stafford ST17 0EG