Our Quality Strategy enables us to translate the Trust's strategic aim "to provide high quality health & social care services" into practice. Our priorities are:

  1. Working together to deliver high quality, personalised and equitable care for all
  2. Improving patient safety through the new NHS Patient Safety Strategy
  3. Enabling and embedding continuous quality improvement
  4. Delivering ongoing improvements to the quality of people's experience and outcomes
  5. Building and nurturing a culture for transparent sharing and learning
  6. Supporting the Trust to meet its Net Zero ambition

How quality fits within the Trust's strategy

Objectives and AimsProviding high quality health and social care services is everyone’s responsibility.  It ensures we demonstrate that we really do use our aims, values and behaviours to realise our mission.  Quality is one of the five key objectives within MPFT's overarching strategy, shown here.  MPFT's quality objective does not stand alone from our other four strategic objectives.  It is linked to all of them through our aims and mission.  

Our Objectives:

  • High-quality services
  • Innovative use of resources
  • A fantastic place to work
  • Enhancing service provision
  • Partnership working
  • Improving health and wellbeing

Our Aims:

  • Making everyone matter
  • To empower and engage our workforce
  • To be an effective partner

Our Mission:

Together we are making life better for our communities