The Sensory Team offer specialist information, advice, guidance and support to people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deafened or Deafblind, and people who have a visual impairment.

We aim to help people stay independent, and to make everyday tasks easier and safer in the home, and in the wider community. The service covers the whole of Staffordshire.

The Sensory Team consists of:

  • Sensory Team Leader
  • Rehabilitation Officer for Visual Impairments (ROVI) / Deafblind Assessor
  • Rehabilitation Officer for Hearing Impairments (ROHI) / Deafblind Assessor
  • Sensory Care Act Assessor (SCAA)
  • Sensory Assistant Care Act Assessors (SACAA)
  • ROVI Apprentices (TBC)


As a team we can offer you:

  • An assessment of your needs under the Care Act 2014. This is an opportunity to discuss the ways in which your sight loss or deafness affects you and your family.
  • Discuss and agree Sensory Rehabilitation Programmes to aid your independence within the home. This can include working with you directly, with your family, employers (if required), and exploring any potential barriers you face in the wider community and how to overcome these.
  • Orientation & Mobility training programmes to give you the confidence and skills to go out independently.
  • Information about clubs, support groups, services, and concessions for people with sight loss or deafness.
  • Details of support services for carers of people with sight loss or deafness.
  • Information on services to help you in college, university, or in your workplace.
  • A demonstration and assessment of aids or equipment that can make everyday activities and tasks easier for you. We can signpost you to other specialist sensory agencies and equipment providers where required.



All referrals to the Sensory Team must be made via Staffordshire Cares (Staffordshire County Council):


Who can refer?

You can make a self-referral via Staffordshire Cares, or anyone from the list below can make a referral on your behalf. However, they must obtain your consent and agreement:

  • Family or friend
  • Neighbour
  • Carer or Care Agency
  • Doctor
  • Audiologist
  • Optician
  • Eye consultant or Ophthalmologist
  • Any Health or Social Care professional
  • Other agencies


Further Information

You can find further information about the Sensory Team and our service via the Staffordshire County Council website which includes many useful weblinks.

Hearing, Visual & Deafblind (Sensory Team) Staffordshire Contact Details

Operational Countywide Sensory Lead: Sally Sandiford

Sensory Team Leader: Ali France