What Does Our Service Do?

Our Dietetic team uses bespoke, up to date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease to deliver advice for adults regarding all aspects of their nutritional needs; in the treatment and management of clinical conditions. The team also provides training and education for other health professionals to enable them to promote evidence-based nutrition within our Trust and community.

Good nutrition is vital for health and wellbeing and clinical condition management. Dietitians advise on both general healthy eating for people of different ages, and also nutrition in specific situations – such as malnutrition, swallowing difficulties, nutritional deficiencies, how to stay and become a healthy weight, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems as well as many more conditions. Dietitians work in close liaison with other health professionals and with other agencies such as education providers and the voluntary sector. Our service employs dietitians, nutritionists, dietetic practitioners, dietetic assistants, registered exercise professionals and administrative support staff, all committed to helping you to stay well.

How Does Our Service Work?

Please speak to your GP practice or any health care professional to request a referral. You will then be written to by our team with an appointment or asked to call us to book an appointment convenient for you. Clinics and workshops are held in local health centres and community venues throughout Staffordshire.

The Home Enteral Feeding Service provides advice and support to adult patients aged 18 years and over in the community who have a tube placed to receive enteral nutrition and / or fluid.

The team consists of registered dietitians and dietetic assistants.

The dietitian will assess the individual patient requirements and recommend a suitable feed to meet the needs of the patient. This will be reviewed and monitored regularly based on the clinical condition.

The team will communicate frequently with the home delivery service to ensure feed and ancillaries are provided in a timely manner.

We also have support from dedicated Nutrition Nurses who will provide expert advice on tube care, stoma care and training.

If you require more information about our service please contact the department on 0300 124 0355 or mpft.adultdieteticshef@nhs.net


Diabetes and Enteral Feeding

Information for patients receiving home enteral nutrition (HEN) during the COVID-19 pandemic


The following videos were produced by Northern Devon Healthcare Trust.

Advance And Rotate. Freka

Replacing Cap, Clamp, Triangle. Freka

Flushing Freka

Gravity Feeding

Blocked PEG

Corflo PEG           

Day 1 Freka PEG               

PEGJ Cleaning And Flushing         

Balloon Gastrostomy Change      

Balloon Gastrostomy Weekly Care            

Low Profile Device Daily Care      

Low Profile Device Weekly Care 

Low Profile Device Tube Change 

Surgical JEJ    


The following videos were produced by Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.


We are a team of Dietitians and Dietetic Assistant Practitioners supporting adults in the community who may be at risk of malnutrition due to unexpected weight loss or decreased appetite.

We understand that eating more is not always the solution and can support people to fortify meals to help maximise nutrition. We also have expert knowledge on nutritional supplements. We will work with individuals and / or caregivers to produce a nutritional care plan aiming to meet each person’s nutritional requirements.

If you require more information about our service, please contact the department on 0300 124 0355 or mpft.adultdietetics@nhs.net


Useful Resources

Using food to treat unintentional weight loss or poor appetite

Fortified Milk

Recipes for high-calorie milky drinks

Your Guide To Making the Most of Your Food

Nutrition Checklist

Protein: Why It Is Important and Where To Find It

Basic Store Cupboard Ideas to support older adults in the community


Useful Links





Our Specialist Service uses behaviour change principals and public health & scientific research on food, health and disease to deliver bespoke nutritional advice and support for adults to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely. We offer one to one support through our team of local dietitians and practitioners.



Eat Wise Drop A Size

Eat Wise, Drop a Size workshops aim to give you the knowledge, confidence, skills and support to achieve your goals. The sessions cover a range of topics around healthy eating and making healthy changes.



A series of 10 workshops to attend. Each will deliver a different topic on healthy lifestyles followed by circuit based physical activity.



A structured weight loss programme delivered by specialist dietitians


Bariatric Surgery

We offer support to patients who may be eligible for bariatric surgery, to encourage long term changes and the safety and effectiveness of surgery outcomes.  We can also refer our  patients for bariatric surgery dependant on eligibility.



Useful Mobile Apps

These apps offer lots of easy to prepare meal ideas, exciting ways to include vegetables, creates shopping lists and can even arrange your shopping list by aisle. Search for them on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Change 4 Life: Smart Recipies

Change 4 Life: Food Scanner

One You: Easy Meals

One You: Couch to 5k

One You: Active 10 Walk Tracker

One You: Alcohol behaviour tracker

NHS 12-week weight loss plan


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NHS Exercise Videos

We are a team of Dietitians and Assistants who deliver one to one clinics and group education sessions to assist those with Diabetes, whether newly diagnosed or otherwise. If you have Diabetes and would like to improve your blood glucose control, learn more about how food affects your illness, lose weight, carbohydrate count, or simply improve symptoms, your General Practitioner can refer you to our service.

For the Diabetes Team see https://www.mpft.nhs.uk/services/diabetes-services-adults



CHO Counting

CHO Awareness



Type 2 Diabetes education and self-management support


Meal plans for people with & without Diabetes

Guidance on meal planning

Diabetes UK food psychology web page for diabetes and emotional eating

Free Diabetes UK advice on what to eat and tips for managing diabetes day-to-day

The community dietetic team provides support and advice to the adults (18 and over) of South Staffordshire with a wide range of nutrition and health problems, including coeliac disease, gastrointestinal problems, food allergies and malnutrition.





Useful Links

Nutrition Information

Every Mind Matters - Looking after your mental health

Information on various dietary conditions courtesy of NHS Dietitians in Somerset

IBS News Letter

As nutrition is important for everyone and can play a vital role in recovery and in generally being healthy, we recognise the importance of working with other services in and out of the trust. We provide patient education sessions for various teams in the trust, helping people to feel confident about looking after their own health with specific conditions.  

We also deliver training to other health care professionals and care home staff to help identify nutrition related health concerns, such as malnutrition, using the 6 Steps to Appropriate Nutritional Care and the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST). 

We regularly support the development of Dietetic University students helping to build upon the number of qualified dietitians working across the country.

We can provide training via email, virtually or in person

For more information or to request training, please contact us on mpft.adultdieteticstraining@nhs.net

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    to all MPFT Dietetic teams. We are very proud of how teams have responded to the challenges of the last year and worked closer together to provide excellent care in innovative ways

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