Our Trust is using innovative digital solutions to see people face-to-face, but not always in person.

In addition to providing care and support over the phone, where appropriate, patients, service users and clients are being given the opportunity of taking part in an online video consultation.

If video consultation is an option for you, your care team will be in touch.

You will be able to access video consultations if you have a:

  • mobile phone with a camera or
  • tablet device with a camera or
  • laptop with a camera or
  • PC with a camera

If a video consultation is offered, here is some guidance:

To help setup this online consultation your care team will need your up-to-date email and mobile phone number.

We are starting to use this technology much earlier than we had planned, and so it is likely that there will be some teething problems.

We are committed to working with you to iron these out, and want to hear where things don’t go quite to plan, and also where you have a good experience. Use the usual feedback survey for your particular service to share details of your online consultation experience at https://surveys.mpft.nhs.uk/