T Level is an Industry based qualification introduced in the education system in England as part of a reform to technical education. They are designed to offer students aged 16 to 19 a more vocational and practical route of study, focusing on specific industry sectors.

T Levels are equivalent to three A-levels. They combine classroom-based learning with practical work experience, allowing students to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in their chosen field.

The T Level program is two year course and includes mandatory industry placement of at least 315 hours (45 days), giving students the opportunity to apply their learning in a real- world work setting. The aim is to prepare students for skilled employment or higher-level technical study/apprenticeship.

As a Trust we will be offering T Levels placements in engineering and business management.

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JCB Academy Partnership

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with the JCB Academy and supporting T-level students. Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, recognises the importance of engaging with the next generation of talent, and by joining forces with the JCB Academy, we aim to provide invaluable opportunities for students to discover the vast potential of the Healthcare sector. Through this collaboration, we are eager to contribute to their learning, skills development, and inspiration, empowering them to thrive and excel in their Engineering or Business Management T-level qualification. We are excited about our involvement in various initiatives, including facilitating work experience placements, offering career advice, extending recruitment support, and fostering workshop-based learning experiences.” - Claire French, Workforce Development & Agenda for Change Manager