At MPFT, we are committed to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.​​​​​

We believe that human health is inextricably linked to a healthy environment. The challenges facing the environment are numerous, and as an organisation, we recognise the need to identify, prevent, and plan for these challenges, including constraints on natural resources, climate change, water scarcity, and their impacts on human health. This means that to create healthier societies, we must have an unwavering commitment to protecting the natural resources upon which we all rely, today and in the future.

MPFT recognises the importance of sustainability within the NHS and we are focused to drive positive change within our Trust.

  • We have a dedicated network of Sustainability Champions and Clinical Greener Groups to help promote and make sustainable ways of working across the Trust.
  • We offer free eLearning courses, literature and media on sustainability.
  • We've embedded Sustainability into our Quality Improvement offering.
  • Our Green Plan for 2022-25 details our ambitions to reach net-zero, you can find out more in our Green Plan below.

MPFT's Chief Executive and MPFT's Chief Nurse on becoming a Greener Trust

“I’m thrilled to be the Executive Director for the Greener MPFT agenda, shaping a sustainable and greener future for our staff, service users, carers, stakeholders, and population."

"At MPFT we have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero and, to adapt and mitigate climate related challenges. We all have an important role in achieving this, thinking innovatively and adopting more sustainable ways of working."

"We are also working across both Integrated Care Systems to collaborate with providers and create a net zero NHS and healthier planet for all.”

- Liz Lockett, MPFT's Chief Nurse & Director of Quality & Professional Leadership

Neil Carr, MPFT's Chief Executive:

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