The Podiatry Service is primarily concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases affecting the feet and lower limbs. Following assessment and diagnosis, treatment is focused on relieving symptoms and maintaining functional independence with the key delivery of the service focusing on benefits of:

  • Foot health promotion
  • Reducing secondary care intervention 
  • Maintaining independence of vulnerable groups through good foot health
  • Preventing mobility difficulties through earlier intervention allowing patients to remain in their own homes / maintain their activities of daily living

There are several aspects to the service, they are described below.

This is a specialist clinic based at the Haywood Hospital, Stoke-on-Trent, where patients who suffer with a rheumatic condition such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, or Ankylosing Spondylitis, are assessed and treated for problems that affect the lower limbs associated with rheumatic conditions.

Treatment can include health education, exercise programmes, inserts to fit in your shoes, injections and, where needed, referral on for further scans.

Patients are referred to us by their GP, Rheumatology Consultants, or a health care professional e.g. physiotherapist.

We are a small team who work across the North Staffordshire community and also provide inpatient and outpatient care at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

We work collaboratively and regularly conduct Multi-Disciplinary Team discussion with the Tissue Viability Nurses, Orthotics Services, Diabetes, Orthopaedic, Vascular, Interventional Radiology and Microbiology Consultants.

We provide holistic assessment, use advanced treatment skills, and collaborative care planning in the management of patients with complex diabetic foot ulceration.

We deliver health education to Allied Health Professionals and medical staff, and as clinical leads we act as a specialist knowledge resource for those needing clinical guidance with their patients.

We’re actively involved in service development, clinical audit and research.

We perform nail surgery on in-growing toe nails that are either too painful and infected to treat in clinic, or are a recurring problem that needs a permanent solution.

The procedure involves either a partial or total nail avulsion with the use of a local anaesthetic and the chemical phenol to destroy the cells that produce the nail with a success rate of 97% cases that do not regrow.

The toe takes 2-3 months to heal avoiding sports for the duration and resting for the first week.

We assess the suitability criteria, taking into consideration the patient's general health and circulation.

Approximately 700 procedures are carried out annually and we currently have a 4-6 week waiting list after the first assessment with the podiatrist.

This is a specialist clinic based at Hanley Health Centre. The team of podiatrists and clinical support staff assess and treat problems that affect the lower limbs: hips / knees / ankles / feet, in adults and children.

Treatment can include health education, exercise programmes, inserts to fit in your shoes, injections, and where needed, referral on for further scans.

Patients are referred to us by their GP or a health care professional e.g. physiotherapist.

Our Trust is a teaching Trust and the Podiatry department regularly takes student podiatrists for their clinical placement from the University of Salford, University of Huddersfield, and Matthew Boulton College (part of Birmingham Metropolitan College).

The students receive hands-on experience of working within a NHS environment in the Podiatry clinics, both within the community and out on domiciliary visits. They are also able to gain valuable insight and experience at our Nail Surgery clinics, Rheumatology clinic within the Haywood Hospital, the Biomechanics clinic based at Hanley Health Centre, and with the Diabetes Specialist Podiatrists at Royal Stoke Hospital.

Some of the past placement students have come back to work for us.

The Podiatry department also trains their Podiatry Assistants 'in-house' where they complete the College of Podiatry Assistant Practitioners training course. A number of our Podiatry Assistants have then gone on to do their Podiatry Degree and all have returned to work for the Podiatry team at MPFT.

We also welcome students on a work experience placement with us, where they are able to see what exactly is involved in the role of a Podiatrist or Podiatry Assistant within the NHS.

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