Staffordshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme is part of the National Diabetic Eye Screening Programme.


What is diabetic retinopathy?

This condition occurs when diabetes affects small blood vessels, damaging the part of the eye called the retina. It can cause the blood vessels in the retina to leak or become blocked. This can affect your sight.

Why should I be screened?

Diabetic eye screening is important as it helps to prevent sight loss. As someone with diabetes, your eyes are at risk of damage from diabetic retinopathy. Screening can detect the condition early before you notice any changes to your vision.


Why is screening important?

Eye screening is a key part of your diabetes care. Untreated diabetic retinopathy is one of the most common causes of sight loss. When the condition is caught early, treatment is effective at reducing or preventing damage to your sight. Remember, diabetic eye screening is not covered as part of your normal eye examination with an optician. Screening does not look for other eye conditions and you should continue to visit your optician regularly for an eye examination as well. (Public Health England NHS Screening Programmes)

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Our team

We have a dedicated team comprising of a Clinical Lead (specialist doctor) who assures the quality aspects of the programme, two Specialist Optometrists who see patients in our specialist pathway, a programme manager, service manager, nine administrators who will assist patients with their enquiries from our Service Management Centre in Stafford and will coordinate all appointments and correspondence, as well as a team of 16 screeners and graders delivering the service across the county.

We work closely with local GPs and Hospital Eye Service colleagues to ensure timely referral and treatment for those requiring Hospital Eye Care.

Shropshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

From 1st January 2020 this service will be provided by Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT),

The new service will be called the Staffordshire and Shropshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and will cover the populations of Staffordshire and Shropshire as one screening service.

In line with national contracts the service went through a procurement exercise. Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (who currently provides the Staffordshire screening programme) was awarded the contract to deliver the combined Staffordshire and Shropshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme going forward for the next 7 years.

The service will still be commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement – Midlands.

Service users will see no change to the quality of care or what happens during their screening appointment. Your screening invitation will continue to be sent and the service will operate in line with national guidance.

If an individual has been screened by the Shropshire DESP before, their screening record will be held by MPFT and your information will safely transfer.  

As part of the re-provision of the Shropshire DESP there will be some changes to screening clinic locations. MPFT will offer screening at a number of community locations across Shropshire and in some GP practices and is working closely with commissioners to ensure that all locations are accessible and appropriate. Locations will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Service users will be offered a convenient appointment at a local clinic but will be able to change this to an alternative screening site if preferred. Evening and weekend appointments will continue to be available. We will be continually assessing uptake and capacity rates to ensure that clinic locations are accessible and meet user needs and will be offering a text message reminder service and on-line booking facilities to help change appointments if necessary.


A change in the delivery of your Diabetic Eye Screening test: Important information for Staffordshire service users 

The Staffordshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme has changed the way screening will be delivered to you. Instead of being delivered by high-street opticians, you can now attend one of many dedicated clinics spread across the county. Screening continues to be delivered to the highest standard of quality and care, and offers better access to screening venues. The Staffordshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme uses ‘in house’ screening and grading specialists to better manage your diabetic eye care. This will now mean:

A fairer spread of screening venues, which have been chosen to improve access for all people with diabetes across Staffordshire, with good transport links and availability.

Clinic locations will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the locations are fairly spread across the county, giving everyone equal access. In house staff are specialists in diabetic eye disease, and fully trained to national requirements in order to ensure your care is in safe hands.

In house staff training ensures that there is consistency in every aspect of screening for all people with diabetes across the county, and local and national requirements are monitored on a regular basis.

You will receive one-to-one support when attending screening, and the dedicated screening staff can answer any questions you may have regarding your diabetic eye care.

In house grading allows quick decisions to be made in the case of urgent referrals, and direct referrals can be made where necessary, meaning safer care pathways.

When you receive your appointment you have the opportunity to change this if required to choose the best screening site for you (see Diabetic Eye Screening Locations or Slit Lamp Screening Locations). Provisions to call the service to re-arrange appointments are in place.

Please note that you will still need to attend regularly for an eye test with an optician of your own choosing for your general eye health needs and spectacle prescription checks.

We will continually consider your feedback as we review clinic locations and other arrangements for this new way of delivering the service. 

You can contact us by telephone: 01785 783283

Who needs Diabetic Eye Screening?

The service invites all people with diabetes from age 12 years to attend for an annual diabetic eye screening test, and for those who need a more advanced examination, we provide a Slit Lamp and Digital Surveillance screening service or referral to an Ophthalmology Department.  You may need to be screened more frequently if you are pregnant.

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