Staffordshire and Shropshire Diabetic Eye Screening - Opt Out


Our service encourages the attendance of all our patients but respects the wishes if you would prefer to opt out of the service.

We advise the attendance of screenings as these reduce the risk of sight loss due to diabetic eye disease. We will do as much as we can to make these appointments accessible for all patients. More information can be found on our main Diabetic Eye Screening Website.

To be able to opt out of the service we need to have your decision in writing either via post or electronically through email. We are only able to offer opt outs for the periods of either 18 months or 3 years.

Opt Out Options



If you would like to opt out via post, you will need to call us on 0300 303 0887 and request we send you the form for you to fill in. Once you have completed the form and returned it to us, we will be able to process your opt out request.


If you would prefer to contact us electronically via email, we have created some useful links for you to follow which will make informing us easier and quicker. By clicking the links below, it will open up a partially completed email in which you will need to insert your details (Full Name, Address and NHS Number). This is important so that we can identify you once we receive your email to be able to process your opt out request. If you would like to provide any feedback on the reason for your opt out, please include this in the email.

Click here if you would like to Opt Out for 18 Months

Click here if you would like to Opt Out for 3 Years



Medically Unfit Exclusions

If you are unable to attend screenings due to long term medical conditions, please contact the service via telephone on 0300 303 0887 so that one of our administrative team will be able to assist you. This will remove you from recall for screenings and no further invites for appointments will be sent to you unless otherwise advised by yourself or your GP.