Behaviours, values and our missionOur mission, our values and our behaviours will help to define our culture as a new organisation. This has been an inclusive process and we have undertaken a comprehensive engagement programme over many months to help shape what MPFT will stand for. We are very grateful for your involvement and feedback.

Our behaviours

  • Lead by example
  • Respectful
  • Honest & trustworthy
  • Caring & compassionate
  • Listen and engage

Our values

  • Putting people at the heart of what we do
  • Empowering people to improve care & wellbeing
  • Delivering better health, better care in partnership

Our mission

Together we are making life better for our communities

Our Behaviours

You said that ‘Our behaviours should set out what we expect of ourselves and each other, they should bring our values to life and guide the way we behave and make our culture ‘do-able’, we believe that by leading by example, being caring and compassionate, honest and trustworthy, respectful and listening to and engaging with our colleagues, service users and patients we can absolutely bring our values to life and in so doing help to define our responsibilities as employees of MPFT to improve the quality of care we provide as well as ensuring that MPFT is a great place to be.


Our Values


Whilst it was fed back that all of the values we engaged on were equally as important as each other the core value that has resonated the most with you is ‘putting our staff, service users, carers & communities at the centre of what we do’. We have simply captured this as ‘Putting people at the heart of what we do’.


Having the opportunity to make choices, take the initiative and make decisions was also important to you. Not only to feel empowered to transform services, drive improvement but also empowered to improve care and wellbeing, this was also true of our service users and patients and the importance of being able to self-manage their own health and care. We have captured this in our value: ‘Empowering people to improve care and wellbeing’


We all recognise the importance of partnership working and your feedback clearly supports this. ‘Delivering better health, better care in partnership’ sets out our ambition to build relationships for the future that will improve services, improve access to services, deliver better care co-ordination, reduce duplication and ensure that quality health care is maintained.


Our Mission

We have taken on board your feedback and listened to your views. It was quite clear that you didn’t want an ‘unachievable’ vision statement at the centre but rather a mission statement that ‘focusses on today and what we do’ not on ‘tomorrow and what we want to become’. You also wanted this to be very much focussed around the service user. We believe our mission statement reflects this: ‘Together we are making life better for our communities’.