Specialist MPFT service wins National Dementia Care Award page thumbnail

A service providing specialist dementia support within HMP facilities in Southern Staffordshire has been recognised with a national award.

Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust’s (MPFT) Specialist Dementia In-Reach Service won the ‘Best Inclusive Dementia Care in our Diverse Society’ category at the National Dementia Care Awards held on 13 July.

The award recognises excellence in making dementia services more responsive to the needs of individuals in disadvantaged communities.

The service works in partnership with the Practice Plus Group, MPFT’s psychiatry services and Business Support teams to provide support, advice and assessment to people incarcerated at HMP Oakwood and HMP Stafford who have received or are undergoing assessment for memory loss. The aim is to provide care that is equal to memory services received within the community.

The judges highlighted how the service “creates a bold and systemic change, bringing a personalised approach to dementia diagnosis and wellbeing planning into the prisons, supporting a very vulnerable group of prisoners”.

Natalie Bradbury, Older Adults and Dementia Nurse Consultant said: “We are proud of our In-Reach Services and applaud the recognition this award gives to our colleagues who provide dynamic, inclusive care to vulnerable members of society.”

Edwina Gould, Specialist Dementia Nurse for the service said: “Receiving this award not only reflects MPFT’s commitment to the development and delivery of high standard services for dementia care, but also recognition of the profound impact it has on the individuals living with dementia in a prison environment.

“We are incredibly honoured and humbled to win this category. It serves as a testament to the dedication of the team, who work hard to ensure everyone in our care receives quality personalised support. We feel truly grateful for this recognition; it further fuels our passion to continue development of this service.”

To find out further information about the award ceremony visit https://journalofdementiacare.co.uk/events/uk-dementia-care-awards