MPFT celebrates ‘best yet’ national NHS staff survey results page thumbnail

MPFT is celebrating today, having scored amongst the top Trusts in all categories of the 2022 national NHS staff survey, surpassing the previous year’s results despite another challenging year for NHS services.

Over 5,000 of its staff completed the survey, which is more than some Trusts employ.

Its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is reflected in the 4,000 respondents who felt that MPFT is an organisation that respects individual differences. The Trust’s equality staff networks have grown and promoted many events that celebrate our differences including: LGBT history month, black history month and disability history month.

As a complex integrated Trust providing physical, mental health, learning disability and autism services alongside adult social care, it is important that staff feel safe to speak up about concerns so that services can be improved. Three quarters of MPFT staff feel safe to do so, which is 7.6% higher than average. MPFT’s freedom to-speak up guardians supported 93 colleagues throughout 2022. The staff ideas hub, in our gift, generated 568 suggestions that have helped shape new initiatives and innovations.

MPFT’s Living Our Values Everyday (LOVE) awards scheme allows staff members to recognise the work of their colleagues. 3,500 nominations were made across the Trust in the past 12 months and over 4,000 respondents agree that their work is valued by their manager.

In 2022, the Trust supported more opportunities for learning, with colleagues from across the organisation enrolling on apprenticeships, the NHS high potential scheme and the Nye Bevan programme. This, and other initiatives, generated 3,279 respondents agreeing they are supported to develop their potential.

MPFT is one of the top organisations for helping staff to achieve a balanced work and home life. The launch of a new and updated flexible working policy reflects the changing landscape of service delivery and acknowledges staff need a more flexible approach. 

MPFT is, again, amongst the top when it comes to colleagues saying they receive the respect they deserve from colleagues at work. ‘The Big Celebration’ event planned for early 2023 will continue the Trust’s commitment to team-working by inviting teams to take time out to reflect, learn and celebrate their successes.

MPFT’s Chief Executive Officer Neil Carr, said: “I am delighted with the Trust’s staff survey results and so proud that we have scored as one of the top organisations across all categories. Year-on-year we surpass previous results and this reflects the hard work and dedication of our staff.

“We continually work hard to make MPFT a fantastic place to work for all of our staff and this year we have planned ‘The Big Celebration’ to allow teams and individuals to take time to reflect on all they have achieved over the last 12 months.

“I am pleased that so many of our workforce took the time to complete the survey, which indicates their willingness to share their views. The Trust Board and I are keen to hear their thoughts to help us to understand what matters most and the things that we can do to improve the experience for both our staff and our patients.”