MPFT and The JCB Academy launch partnership to allow students to discover potential in the healthcare sector page thumbnail

Students of engineering and business studies in Staffordshire will have the opportunity to learn within the healthcare sector following the launch of a partnership between MPFT and The JCB Academy.

The JCB Academy, which specialises in engineering and business qualifications, is a unique school and sixth form that also boasts an apprenticeship programme. MPFT is the first NHS Trust to become an academy employer partner.

As a gold level partner, MPFT will offer The JCB Academy students a wide range of support, including facilitating work experience placements, offering career advice, recruitment support, and developing workshop-based learning experiences.

From September, MPFT will provide placements for The JCB Academy students in Business Management and Engineering T-level qualifications. Introduced as part of a reform to technical education, T-levels are equivalent to three A-levels and are designed to offer students aged 16 to 19 a vocational and practical route of study, focusing on specific industry sectors.

Claire French, Workforce Development and Agenda for Change Manager at MPFT, said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with The JCB Academy to support T-level students. MPFT recognises the importance of engaging with the next generation of talent, and by joining forces with The JCB Academy, we aim to provide invaluable opportunities for students to discover the vast potential of the healthcare sector.

“Through this collaboration, we are eager to contribute to their learning, skills development, and inspiration, empowering them to thrive and excel in their Business Management or Engineering T-level qualification.”

Amy Holdcroft, Industry Placement Coordinator at The JBC Academy, added: "The JCB Academy's partnership with Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust unlocks exciting opportunities for students in engineering and business studies to explore the healthcare sector. As the first NHS Trust academy employer partner, MPFT offers invaluable support, from work experience placements to career guidance, empowering our students to excel in their T-level qualifications and discover their potential in healthcare."

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