MPFT provides Digital Services for its staff, services, patients and service users across both IM&T and SSHIS.

MPFT Digital - enhancing care through digital innovation

  • Digital strategy & transformation
  • Clinical systems support
  • Application development
  • IT training
  • Business intelligence & data warehousing
  • Business architects systems
  • Programme management
  • Systems supplier management

Stafforshire and Shropshire Health Information Service (SSHIS)

  • IT service desk & 2nd line support
  • Client hardware - laptops/PCs/tablets/smartphones
  • Networks & infrastructure - telephone/wireless
  • Application development
  • Data centres & backup
  • Information governance & cyber security
  • Software as a service (O365)
  • Smartcard - registration authority

Addtional information

Additional detail in the following tables:

MPFT Digital Function Leads Key Services / Outputs

Digital Strategy & Transformation (Senior Management Team)

  • Chris Ibell (Chief Digital Information Officer)
  • Martyn Perry (Associate Director of Digital Transformation)
  • Peter Newton (Associate Director of Digital Information & Reporting)
  • Pete Kendal (Head of Digital Operations)
  • Emma Kirkbride (Head of Health & Social Care Systems)
  • Strategic direction and business plan delivery for enhancing care through digital innovation
  • Supplier Performance Management (SSHIS, third party suppliers e.g. RiO)
  • CIP direction and delivery
  • Regional/National Programmes of work
Clinical Systems Support
  • Nicola Hampton
  • Provide 1st/2nd line support for clinical and care systems
  • Support new starter role creation and systems access/service go-lives / leavers
  • Oversee Permissions Based Access Control for clinical and care systems
  • Data Quality overview in clinical and care systems
Application Development
  • Shaun Allcock
  • Bespoke Systems design and delivery
  • Clinical Systems form/letter/configuration build
  • Robotic Process Automation and Integration Services
  • SharePoint design and delivery
IT Training
  • Trish Nolan
  • Provide Clinical and Care Systems Training
  • Provide Quick Reference Guides and User training videos for key IT systems/processes
  • Provide Microsoft Systems Training (Core IT Skills training)
  • Support service go-lives (floor walking)
  • Development and provision of eLearning on ESR for clinical systems training
  • Provision of tailored training to meet service specific requirements
  • Promote the availability of training through online resources including the IT Skills pathway and Microsoft eLearning
Business Intelligence
  • Alex Critchell (Interim Lead)
  • Report creation/automation and analysis for mandatory returns
  • Report creation/automation and analysis for service requests
  • Report creation/automation for self-service requests
  • Dashboard creation for operational service management and MPFT activity data
Data Warehousing
  • Terry Sambrook
  • Manage the Data Warehouse infrastructure
  • Establish data sets for mandatory reporting
  • Establish data sets for reporting from new systems

Business Architects / Systems Specification

  • Lee Woolrich
  • Clinical Systems specification
  • Bespoke Systems specification
  • Process mapping for quality/service improvement through digital innovation
Programme Management
  • Dominic Tennant
  • Delivery of Digital Projects and MPFT Digital work streams on wider Trust projects
  • Resource scheduling of SSHIS resources related to project activities
  • Support of ad-hoc MPFT Digital change requests (e.g. new mobiles, MFDs, wireless)

Digital Service Development

  • James McNamee
  • Primary Contact and customer services function for MPFT Digital
  • Supplier Performance Management (KPIs/SLA review) through service review meetings
  • MPFT Digital communications


SSHIS Function Leads Key Services / Outputs
SSHIS Senior Management Team
  • Adam Cooper (Director of Health Informatics Services)
  • Prue Hayes (Head of Operations)
  • Rich McCue (Head of Technology)
  • Clair Fleet (BRM)
  • Strategic direction on technical support services and infrastructure support
IT Service Desk & 2nd Line Support/Op Dev
  • Pete Townley (Service Delivery Lead)
  • Rob Stedall (First Line Manager)
  • Martyn Ball (Second Line Manager)
  • Provide 1st/2nd line support for technical issues with equipment, telephony, networks and Windows
  • Support new starter Windows account creation / leavers

Client Hardware

Laptops / PCs / Tablets / Smartphones


  • Device ordering and Imaging and management

Networks & Infrastructure

Telephony / Wireless

  • Tim Hawkes (Network & Systems Lead)
  • Support network connectivity
  • Network switches
  • Firewalls and Proxy Servers
  • Wireless
  • Telephony (Cisco IPT)
Application Development
  • Garry Pankhurst (Software Development Engineer)
  • Fusion BPM workflow application development
  • Development of call logging system SMT
Date Centres & Backup  
  • Provision and support of primary and secondary SSHIS datacentres
Information Governance & Cyber Security
  • Jot Bougan
  • Ian Allman (Lead Change Assurance)
  • Response to security incidents
  • Technical Cyber support and accreditation

Software As a Service


  • Dan Fleet (Operational Development Manager)
  • Management of software application and licence subscription application
  • Software deployments
Smartcard Registration Authority

Rob Stedall (First Line Manager)

  • Provision and management of Trust smartcards for clinical systems and ESR access