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In a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about the Trust, the positive culture, and a forward-looking digital strategy, Martyn Perry, Director of Digital Transformation and Deputy Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) at Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT), has been recognised as one of the UK's top technology leaders by the esteemed CIO 100 Awards UK.

At the CIO 100 Awards, Martyn Perry emerged as the second-ranking CIO among the best and brightest technology leaders across both the public and private sectors in the UK. This accolade is a testament to his exemplary leadership and vision in steering MPFT's digital transformation journey.

Since taking on his role in 2021, Martyn Perry, along with his dedicated team, has been at the forefront of reshaping the digital culture at MPFT. Their collective mission has been to design and execute a Digital Strategy that fosters innovation through the practical and positive application of various technologies.

The CIO 100 Award judging panel acknowledged several remarkable digital achievements at MPFT, demonstrating the team's commitment to excellence:

Cultivating Digital Talent

The MPFT Digital Team has been instrumental in nurturing the skills development and retention of digital staff while also attracting talent, therefore cultivating a future workforce of diverse digital leaders.

Digital Inclusion and Community Support

MPFT has actively participated in the Digital Poverty Alliance, championing digital inclusion efforts. They have supported local charities, staff, and service users by providing refurbished devices, conducting training events in local libraries, and distributing sim card data packages to those in need. Additionally, the team has promoted the use of innovative, user-friendly technologies to ensure that everyone has inclusive digital access to healthcare.

Sustainability Initiatives

The Trust's digital transformation has included a strong focus on sustainability initiatives. This has resulted in the successful pilot and launch of electronic prescription services, facilitating accurate and safer prescribing. Over 42,000 digitised prescriptions have been issued to local pharmacies, significantly reducing paper usage, postage, and carbon emissions.

Martyn Perry, in response to this well-deserved recognition, was quick to emphasise the collective effort of the entire MPFT Digital Team in achieving this award:

"Representing the MPFT Digital Team in the CIO 100 Awards was a fantastic opportunity to showcase just how hard the team has worked to deliver our Digital Strategy for staff and service users. This wouldn't be possible without the team's skills and efforts and the mentorship of Chris Ibell, MPFT and Integrated Care System CDIO."

"I hope this recognition encourages more digital and clinical leaders to support our efforts to enhance care through digital innovation long into the future."

This achievement not only highlights the exceptional leadership of Martyn Perry but also underscores the MPFT Digital Team's unwavering commitment to driving positive change through technology, ultimately benefitting staff, service users, and the entire community.

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