The Trust is developing a Digital Strategy that sets out its digital ambitions over the next five years to support improvements in the quality of care for service users, carers and partners.

The strategy will also have significant impact on every member of MPFT staff, from the equipment we use, to the software and data we access to support our day-to-day work.

It defines how MPFT will enhance the quality of care provided to service users through digital innovation, now and over the next five years.

The Trust's ambition is for efficient, personalised and improved care, and this will be evident in everything we do, from digital innovation to service delivery:

  • We want service users to feel more in control of their care, to be more informed and to have more choice.
  • We want our users and staff to experience health and care that acts as one, and our digital tools are essential in connecting all of our care services.
  • We will ensure information is used and shared safely and will provide efficient means of contact across our services.
  • We will make it easier to understand when that next appointment is and flexibility around who, when and how it takes place.
  • We will link with regional systems and national apps, offering the choice to securely access the care journey and to see essential information such as prescriptions or local support groups online.
  • We will offer choice in how we offer care and how we communicate with those in our care, and make it easy to record what those preferences might be.


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Your views about the strategy are sought. Please read the summary or the full document and provide feedback before 19 August.



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