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The Digital Angels in MPFT's Digital Team have been recognised with high commendation for their exceptional work in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, by RLDatix. Their dedication to fostering an inclusive digital environment sets an inspiring example for the industry, showcasing their commitment to equity.

The Midlands Partnership University Foundation Trust (MPFT) Digital Training Team's remarkable journey has been commended, receiving recognition and praise for their innovative initiatives. It all started when a Staff nurse, Joan, reached out for support, feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of quitting her job due to the challenges of adapting to various clinical systems. 

The Digital Training Team's compassionate response was to offer personalised, on-site training sessions, tailored to Joan's needs. This act of kindness initiated a chain reaction, leading to an improved work environment and well-being not only for Joan but also for many others in the organisation.

The impact of their initiatives is evident in the creation of the Digital Angels, who provide on-site support and training. These efforts have been instrumental in addressing the diverse training needs of employees, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring that every member of the MPFT community can access digital skills training.

Moreover, MPFT Digital's commitment to providing digital skills training for all, regardless of location, is reflected in their plan to expand their local library training at Rising Brook Library every Friday.

The team have introduced one-on-one training sessions, a digital toolkit which have improved staff well-being and their ability to provide quality patient care.

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