ESR Forms

New Appointments

All recruitment to the Trust will be done via the in house Recruitment Service who will organise for the correct forms to be completed by your new recruit. Please email if you have any enquiries.


Changes to Your Staff Details

  • Personal changes to staff data notified via ESR's Employee Self Service 
    • Any Personal changes to staff data i.e. name, address, contact details, next of kin, bank account details etc should be made by the member of staff using their Employee Self Service.
  • Contractual changes to staff data notified via the Trusts Electronic Change Form


Staff Leaving the Trust

The Trust’s termination form is electronic. Please click here to access the Trust's electronic Termination Form.


Annual Leave Carry Forward Exercise

At the end of each financial year, the Trust asks managers to confirm if any of their staff have a balance of Annual Leave (A/L) that needs to be carried forward (C/F) into the new financial year.

SFI’s allow staff to C/F up to one week’s worth of contracted hours. 

Please click here to access your team’s A/L C/F forms.

For help completing the excercise click here to access the user guide

Please click here for FAQ's


Help with Electronic Forms

If you are a manager or administrator for your team and or unable to see your team details please email with your details and those of what you were expecting to see. You will receive a response within 1 working day.

For help completing the e-Termination From, please see the follow guides:


Additional ESR Forms



Please note the sites with Automatic Number Plate Recognition are:

  • Cross Street Clinic, Burton
  • Hall Court, Shrewsbury
  • Longton Cottage Community Hospital
  • Park House, Cannock
  • St George's Hospital, Stafford
  • St Michael's Court, Lichfield
  • The Bridge, Corporation Street, Stafford
  • The Redwoods Centre, Shrewsbury

Paper Expense Claim Forms - Volunteers only