As part of the Trust's Financial Wellbeing Charter, we are pleased to announce a new offer for staff to help manage wages.

From Monday 15th August 2022, all MPFT staff will have access to the financial wellbeing app 'Wagestream'. Wagestream gives you access to wages as you earn, lets you track your pay as you work, helps you save straight from your pay and provides access to financial advice.

NB. When signing up to Wagestream please allow up to 7 days for your enrollment to complete. Once your enrolment has completed you will be sent a confirmation email from Wagestream to the email address supplied during the sign up process.

Wagestream FAQ's

Overview of Wagestream

Please click here to watch a short video for more information.

Bank Pay

We’ve heard from our Bank Staff how important it is to be paid quickly after completing shifts. We’ve been working hard to make this a possibility and are pleased to announce that weekly pay is now an option.

Bank Pay Launch

On Monday 2nd October 2023, the Trust will launch “Bank Pay". “Bank Pay” is a Wagestream feature that enables MPFT’s valued bank workers to be automatically paid 60% (40% will be reserved for taxes/deductions) of their bank shift earnings every Wednesday for free.

Bank Pay FAQs

Please click here to watch a short video for more information.

How to Finalise a bank duty for Bank Pay

Please click here to access the user guide for Managers on how to finalise a bank duty for Bank Pay.