EASY Expenses

The EASY expenses system was rolled out to all MPFT Staff on 1st April 2022. EASY can be safely accessed at any time, all you need is a laptop or tablet, an internet connection, and a browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Easy expenses system is managed by the Healthroster Team. For support with the expenses system, please email Healthroster.emails@mpft.nhs.uk, or contact a member of the team via MS Teams. Please see our contact details page for details of who to contact.

Using the EASY Expenses System

The EASY system can be accessed from any internet connected device i.e. Mobile Phones, iPad, Laptop, Desktop Computer

Login Details

If you have not yet registered for the EASY system, please click on the 'New to Easy? Register Here' link on the login screen of the system. You can then enter your email address or employee number to continue with the registration process.

If you have already registered for the EASY system, you can login with either your email address or employee number, followed by the password you created during the registration process.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this by clicking on the 'Forgotten your password' link on the EASY systems login screen. You then can enter either your employee number or your email address. The system will then send you an email with insutructions on how to create a new password.

The expenses system automatically makes a number of checks on the Trust’s behalf.  It checks that anyone claiming for business mileage has:

  • A valid drivers licence (for both private and lease vehicles)

  • Business insurance to use the vehicle they are traveling in on Trust business (for Private vehicles only)

You will  be asked to upload your driving licence number and a copy of your vehicle business insurance details if using a private car for business purposes. You will not need to upload a copy of your business insurance details, if you are using a lease car. Your manager will then need to approve these details before you are able to make a claim for business mileage expenses. A Userguide and video on how to complete this process can be found at the bottom of this page.

You will be asked to enter your driving licence details only at the point of self registering on the EASY system.  The lease car company will have arranged your business insurance and this does not need to be validated.

Further information on Expenses Training, including future dates, can be found on the IT Training Teams Webpage

Please note that there is no need to book.  In order to join your chosen session, you simply click on the link a few minutes before the session is about to start.

The EASY expense system is managed and supported by the Healthroster Team

There are a number of MPFT sites that operate an ANPR car parking system. To register your vehicle for a parking permit at these site, you will need to follow one of the following steps:

  • Details of a new private vehicle that will not be used for business purposes should be registered for the ANPR system by completing a vehicle registration eForm
  • Details of a new private vehicle that will be used for business purposes should be registered through the EASY expenses system. Details of the vehicle will be shared with the car parking team.
  • Details of a new NHS lease or salary sacrifice vehicle will be added to EASY automatically and the details shared with the car parking team.

Please Note, that for new vehicles being registered, you will need to continue to be manually input into the ANPR terminals, when parking at ANPR sites (see below) until you receive an email from the MPFT Car Parking Team to confirm that your vehicle is registered on their system.

Sites with Automatic Number Plate Recognition are:

  • Cross Street Clinic, Burton
  • Hall Court, Telford
  • Hanford Heatlth Centre
  • Hanley Health Centre
  • Longton Cottage Community Hospital
  • Longton Health Centre
  • Park House, Cannock
  • St George's Hospital, Stafford
  • St Michael's Court, Lichfield
  • The Bridge, Corporation Street, Stafford
  • The Redwoods Centre, Shrewsbury


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