Team Pensions photoThe NHS Pension Scheme is open to staff between the ages of 16 and 75 and who are directly employed by the Trust. Staff are automatically placed into the NHS Pension Scheme when they start working for the Trust. Those not wishing to be members of the scheme need to complete an opt out form (see leaving or taking a break from the scheme below).

Staff can access their annual pension benefit statement using ESRs Self Service. Details of how to do this are in the total reward statement section below

Our in-house NHS Pension team also administer the Local Government Pension scheme, along with the National Earnings Savings Trust Scheme pension (NEST) for MPFT staff.

Pension Guides

The NHS Pension Scheme

Annual Allowance and Scheme Pays Presentation

More information about the Annual Allowance, how it affects you and the options for paying any annual allowance tax charge incurred (including using the “Scheme Pays” option).

Pensions Tax Information

Total Reward Statement

Retirement – Ways to claim your pension benefits

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