Rapid Response is a short term intervention service for people with an acute illness. The aim of team is to prevent patient’s admission to hospital and support discharge from hospital.

For patient’s recovering from ill health, a programme can be devised to promote independence, wherever possible. This may entail providing equipment to assist with activities of daily living.

What do we do?

The team work around the clock to help prevent patients’ admission to hospital and support discharge from hospital, for example by:

  • Supporting patients with Cellulitis/UTIs/Chest infections where IV or oral antibiotics are required
  • Monitor/administer prescribed subcutaneous fluids
  • Monitor exacerbations of COPD and assist with nebulisers
  • Assess and monitor following a fall
  • Support other non-specific patients who have recently become acutely unwell but medically stable
  • Admit to Intermediate care beds
  • Provide urgent occupational therapy
  • Provide equipment i.e. frames/commodes etc.
  • Cover all Out of Hours district nursing calls from 5:00pm-8:30am
  • Support patients through a period of rehabilitation
  • Head injury assessment
  • Gluing wounds

How do people access the service?

You cannot self-refer into this service. If you are aged over 18 and you have an East Staffordshire GP, then you can be referred into the service by your GP or any other health and social care professional.

If you’re not suitable for our service, then we may sign post you to other health care professionals who are more appropriate to meet your needs.

What can you expect if you are referred to this service?

Once you are referred to the service, the Rapid Response team will call you to say that they are coming to visit – usually that same day. Your needs will be assessed and a plan of care devised.

The team will encourage you to carry out tasks such as personal care independently, to help you get back to your normal level of dependence. Once we’ve helped you to reach your short term goals, if you are not yet ready to be discharged we may refer you to another service such as social care.