Our Learning Disability Specialist Nurse supports people with learning disabilities to access health services. The specialist nurse provides advice and support to patients with learning disabilities and complex needs who have problems accessing health services and provides advice on where to refer to other specialist services This includes support to learning disability care homes to improve health outcomes for people with learning disabilities.

What do we do?

  • Help patients with learning disabilities to understand their own health needs so they can make good decisions about their  health.
  • Work with health staff to make health information easier for patients to understand. This includes advice, training and support to identify barriers to accessing health and identifying what reasonable adjustments are required to improve access to health and improve health outcomes.
  • Work with patients’ Doctor and Nurses to ensure regular health checks take place.
  • Work with Hospitals and Community staff to make sure patients with learning disabilities get better and return home as soon as possible.
  • Support for admission and discharge to Burton Hospital and works closely with their safeguarding team to raise standards in relation to care of their patients with learning disabilities.

How do people access the service?

People can refer themselves or a friend or family member to this service by contacting our Care Coordination Centre: 0300 323 0930. The service also takes referrals from health and social care professionals.

What can you expect if you are referred to this service?

Our Learning Disability Specialist Nurse will visit you and talk through the issues that you need help with. The nurse will then work with the other health services that you are involved with to help you to stay well. You may also be signposted to other specialist local agencies for extra support.

Useful links

NHS - Learning Disabilities: Information about what it means to have a learning disability. 

Mencap: More advice and support is available on the Mencap website.