The service is provided by a specialist team of nurses who are available to all patients with a bladder or bowel issue, who are resident and registered with a GP Practice in our area. This includes all residential / supported living homes.

What do we do?

The aim of the service is to improve patients’ quality of life by offering a full, holistic assessment to promote continence and refer them to other health professionals for further investigations and treatment as required. Appropriate aids and products may be provided to help manage unresolved incontinence, based on clinical need.

How do people access this service?

Please contact your local Health Care Professional for referral into our service, as we are unable to accept self-referrals directly from patients.

What can you expect if you are referred to this service?

Your first assessment will take approximately one hour and is carried out discreetly by a specially trained nurse in a clinic or, in certain circumstances, in a home setting. You will be assessed and treated by a nurse who specialises in bladder and bowel problems. You will be asked to complete a seven day bladder and bowel diary, this will be sent with your appointment details.

During this appointment, you can talk in confidence to the nurse about the issue to give them as much information as you can. The information you give will help the nurse to try to find the reason for your bladder or bowel issue and determine what can be done to help.

They will test a sample of urine to ensure there are no abnormalities and may scan your bladder with a hand held device. They may also recommend a physical examination. A chaperone will be offered, please feel free to bring someone along with you to your clinical appointment.

Clinics are available in Branston, Stapenhill and Uttoxeter.