Development of our staff at Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is a key priority, we have a dedicated team to support your progression called the Widening Participation Team. The team promote career development for our existing staff, the benefits of Apprenticeships and other work-related learning opportunities across our services.

A programme of training ideal for unregistered new starters such as Healthcare Support Workers, Support Workers and AHPs or existing unregistered staff looking to upskill - delivered by the Clinical Training team within Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust are committed to ensuring that unregistered staff new to the Trust/job role or wishing to upskill or refresh in the underpinning basics of training in health and social care are given every opportunity to do so by:

  • Having adequate and appropriate resources and training to support any transition or development into a new or existing role
  • Supporting the professional practice of the individual within their role, personal development and potential career progression
  • Building confidence and competence within their job roles

The Trust believes that we can deliver high performance through skilled individuals working effectively in teams together, who share collective responsibility and are led and managed well at all levels and across all professional disciplines.

There is a wide range of accessible in-house leadership and management development opportunities available as well as support to undertake regional and nationally delivered programmes. Opportunities include programmes leading to formal qualifications, as well as those with a more practical focus; workshops, master classes, or conferences and focused individual development through 360° feedback, coaching and mentoring support.

We also have coaches who can work with team leaders to support team development opportunities, using the principles of Team Based Working.

An essential programme for all newly qualified nurses and nurse associates - delivered by the Clinical Training team within MPFT. To ensure the best possible start for a newly qualified practitioner or those returning to practice, a quality Preceptorship Programme is essential.

The Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust Preceptorship Programme ensures that new registrants or those returning to practice:-

  • have adequate resources and support available to them during this transition period
  • links the gap between professional education and the clinical environment
  • provides a good working environment for the individual and also support the professional practice and development of the individual
  • practice in accordance with relevant Codes of Conduct

We also work closely with other NHS organisations, Schools, Universities, and other education providers and attend regular career events, locally and regionally to promote Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust careers.