Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is working in partnership with North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust to deliver a Mental Health Treatment Requirement Pathway across Staffordshire.  

There are three treatment options that can be used as part of a community or suspended sentence order. These are Drug Rehabilitation Requirements, Alcohol Treatment Requirements, and Mental Health Treatment Requirements (MHTR).  

The Mental Health Treatment Requirement Pathway provides an assessment and treatment service for Mental Health Treatment Requirements. Drug and Alcohol treatments are delivered by partner organisations. 

The Mental Health Treatment Requirement Pathway in Staffordshire is delivered by a team of qualified and Assistant Psychologists and is suitable for: 

  • women and men 
  • aged 18+  
  • who are registered with or eligible to register with a Staffordshire GP 
  • with mental health problems appropriate for short term interventions such as anxiety and depression 
  • who agree to the Mental Health Treatment Requirement 

The service will not be suitable for people who:  

  • are already receiving support/treatment for their mental health problems from local mental health services 
  • have a more serious mental health problem that needs support/treatment from local mental health services 

Service users are assessed in the Court building by an Assistant Psychologist before their hearing. 

The Assistant Psychologist will discuss the assessment with a qualified Psychologist who will decide if a MHTR is appropriate for the service user. 

If the service user agrees to have a MHTR and the Team think that a MHTR is appropriate then the Team will inform the Court Duty Officer and the individual’s Solicitor who may ask the Judge to consider a Mental Health Treatment Requirement as part of the sentence. 

If a service user is sentenced to a Mental Health Treatment Requirement the treatment will be delivered by an Assistant Psychologist under the supervision of a qualified Psychologist. 

A member of the team will discuss the treatment order with the service user, their Offender Manager and, if the service user also has a drug or alcohol treatment order, professionals delivering the drug and alcohol treatments.  

This is so that the professionals working with the service user can plan the best way to deliver the treatments with the service user. 


Further Information

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