The vision of the QI Academy is through access to the breath of opportunities within the Academy, people will:

  • Develop confidence in their role as leaders of QI
  • Be more effective in their application of QI
  • Develop the skills, expertise and experience to support others
  • Have opportunities to engage in collective and connected projects

The Academy will work to a set of underpinning principles:

  • Ensure an inclusive agenda
  • Provide further learning and development opportunities
  • Develop mentors, coaches and leaders in QI
  • Develop improvement skills, capabilities and expertise 
  • Provide accessible opportunities for sharing knowledge and best practice 
  • Provide multiple opportunities for networking both inside and outside of the organisational boundaries.

Becoming a part of the Academy

How can you get involved with our Academy? Please see our Training page.

Working your way up the ‘ladder’ is no easy task, but one that is certainly within anyone’s capability who has a passion for Quality Improvement and making a difference.

QI Academy Ladder

QI Academy Ladder

QI Academy Master - Masters demonstrate a commintment to learning, teaching and supporting others

QI Academy Fellow - Fellows ensure that the Academy is able to further develop our collective knowledge, influence and impact

QI Academy Member - Members are central to all we do, their contribution to QI and the range of their achievements are reflected throughout our Trust's QI journey

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