We are the Quality Improvement Team for MPFT. Our aim is to provide support, guidance and facilitation in improving the quality of our recovery-focused services and to enable teams to sustain changes by providing them with the knowledge, resources and tools needed to do so.

The Trust has an exciting and ambitious programme of further improving quality which puts service users and carers right at the centre and staff in the driving seat of change.  It is based on the principle that staff will develop their own effective solutions to improving the processes of delivering high quality services and care.  The Quality Improvement Team work towards delivering the Quality Improvement Strategy.

Improving quality is about making healthcare safe, effective, patient-centred, timely, efficient and equitable. In the history of the NHS, there has never been such a focus on improving the quality of health services.

Quality improvement (QI) goes beyond traditional management, target setting and policy making. QI methodology is best applied when tackling complex adaptive problems where the problem isn’t completely understood and where the answer isn’t known. For example, how to reduce frequency of violence on inpatient mental health wards. QI utilises the subject matter expertise of people closest to the issue (staff and service users) to identify potential solutions and test them.

When done well, QI can release great creativity and innovation in tackling complex issues which services have struggled to solve for many years. The types of problems that we should be using quality improvement to tackle, are those that require not only changes in behaviours or preferences, but also hearts and minds.

A large proportion of our work is in managing the Rapid Process Improvement Workshop Programme and in delivering RPIWs in the areas in which had been identified as having opportunities for improving services. We have established a comprehensive rolling programme of both RPIWs and Kaizen Events (hyperlinks to both). Our team provides inspirational resources, bespoke training, tools and the knowledge to enable teams to expedite changes to add value and remove waste, thereby creating capacity to provide a high-quality, recovery-focused environment for our service users.

Katy Morris, Head of the QI Academy

Helen Payne, Quality Improvement Academy Manager

Celine Grundy, Quality Improvement Clinical Manager

John Costello, Quality Improvement Programme Manager

Kevin Blackmore, Quality Improvement Facilitator

Lisa Bellamy, Quality Improvement Facilitator

Lesley Colclough, Quality Improvement Advisor

Eserree Kaur, Quality Improvement Academy Support Officer

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