The CQUIN framework supports improvements in the quality of services and the creation of new, improved patterns of care.

2023/24 National CQUIN Scheme

Eight national CQUIN schemes which cover the service areas provided by MPFT were announced by NHSE. Negotiations took place between the Trust and local commissioners to agree which of the national CQUIN schemes were to be adopted by MPFT as formal CQUINs. National guidance prescribed that no more than five of the national CQUINs should be adopted as formal CQUINs with each set of commissioners. The table below provides details of which of the national CQUINs have been agreed as formal CQUINs with commissioners.

Whilst not all the areas were formally agreed as CQUINs, there was still an expectation that Trusts would look to monitor and report performance against all of the national CQUIN measures as part of the regular reporting to commissioners.

Full details of the national CQUIN schemes including those for 2023/24 can be found at the following website: NHS England » Commissioning for Quality and Innovation

Table 1 – 2023/24 national CQUIN scheme agreed as MPFT CQUINs
2023-24 CQUIN Code Title Applicable to


Staff Flu Vaccinations

Community and mental health


Assessment and documentation of pressure ulcer risk

Community hospital inpatients


Assessment , diagnosis and treatment of lower leg wounds

Community nursing


Malnutrition Screening

Community Hospital Inpatients


Routine outcome monitoring in adult and older adult community mental health services

Adult and Older Adult community mental health services


Routine outcome monitoring in CYP and perinatal mental health services

Mental health services delivering care to under 18s and Specialist Perinatal


Outcome measurement in perinatal inpatient services

Mother and Baby Unity


Reducing the need for restrictive practice in adult/older adult settings

Adult Acute Mental Health Services inpatient


The Trusts performance against CQUINs can be seen in the annual Quality Accounts documents which can be found at the following link: Quality Accounts : Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (

Further Information

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