CQUINs are quality improvement goals that we can agree to aim for, there is a financial incentive to achieve those aims.  

The CQUIN framework is intended to reward excellence, encouraging a culture of continuous quality improvement, whilst delivering better outcomes for patients.  

The Trust has worked with its commissioners – the people who ‘buy’ NHS services on behalf of local people - to develop a number of CQUIN targets for completion.

Each Trust’s CQUIN scheme must contain mandatory national CQUINs along with those agreed between MPFT and our commissioners.

NHS England CQUINs 17-19:

  • Discharge and resettlement –reduction in length of stay
  • Reducing restrictive practices within adult low and medium secure services
  • Medicines optimisation
  • Neurorehabilitation Case Manager
  • Diabetic Eye Screening

Staffordshire, Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire CCGs CQUINs 17-19:

  • Improvement of health and wellbeing of NHS staff
  • Healthy food for NHS staff, visitors and patients
  • Achieving an uptake of flu vaccinations by frontline clinical staff
  • Cardio-metabolic assessment and treatment for patients with psychosis
  • Collaboration with primary care clinicians
  • Improving services for people with mental health needs who present to Accident and Emergency
  • Preventing ill health and risky behaviours – alcohol and tobacco

Staffordshire CCGs CQUINs 17-19:

  • Transitions out of children and young people’s mental health services (CYPMPS)
  • Improving the assessment of wounds
  • Personalised care and support

For further information on national CQUINs see here.

Trust Contact: Liz Lockett, Deputy Director for Safety; Contract Quality and Involvement and Engagement on Liz.Lockett@mpft.nhs.uk or Katie Montgomery, Head of Quality Contract Standards on Katie.Montgomery@mpft.nhs.uk