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Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust launched the IPT West Midlands Training Centre in 2013 and offer training courses and supervision in IPT to IAPT Services and other organisations across the Midlands and East areas.

What is IPT? 

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) is one of the recognised NICE psychological therapies for depression. It is a time-limited and focused treatment that links depressive symptoms to the interpersonal difficulties around interpersonal loss, change, conflict or isolation. IPT supports the use and development of effective resources in the client’s interpersonal network.   

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IPT UK Executive Committee 

IPT West Midlands is pleased to announce that Dr Marie Wardle, Lorraine Manley, and Heather Morgan have joined the IPT UK Executive Committee from May 2023 - May 2025. 


Interpersonal Psychotherapy Training Contact Details

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