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  • 6th February 2019

    The Trust is working both internally and with multi-agency partners to assess risks and develop contingency plans in relation to a ‘no deal’ EU Exit. The Trust has already undertaken work to understand the impact of an EU exit on the Trust business continuity and resilience perspective. This is in keeping with national guidance which was issued by the Department of Health and Social Care in December 2018.

  • Singer donates £200 to music project
    31st January 2019

    A generous donation will enable more people to benefit from the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s successful UpTempo music project. Hannah Fermor is a professional singer who regularly performs at The Redwoods Centre, the Trust’s inpatient mental health service based in Shrewsbury. She recognises the value of music to the well-being of the service users and staff at the Centre, and also says “it’s my therapy”

  • Healthy Gaming Habits, pt. 2
    23rd January 2019

    Welcome back to the blog. Last week, we talked about maintaining good health as a gamer. This week, we’re having more of a look at the social side of things. The old stereotype of gamers as anti-social shut-ins becomes less and less true as time goes on, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Like any pleasurable activity, gaming can become addictive and affect your mental health, especially if you’re already vulnerable from existing depression or anxiety.

  • Healthy Gaming Habits, pt. 1
    16th January 2019

    Gaming is, for many people, an irreplaceable hobby. It’s escapist, it’s social, it’s challenging, and it’s very, very satisfying to win a match or beat a tough boss. It’s important for everyone to make sure they take time to enjoy themselves in their day-by-day routine; video games can offer an easy solution for squeezing some fun into those spare minutes. There’s even a degree of evidence that they can improve your cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination.

  • Home First - Stoke is Caring, Effective and Responsive
    7th January 2019

    A service which supports people to be discharged from hospital and receive care in their own homes has been recognised as being caring, effective and responsive. Home First – Stoke is registered to provide personal care for people in their own home who are clinically safe for discharge and do not re...

  • Songs For You: dates for 2019
    21st December 2018

    Songs for You provides an opportunity for those living with dementia, their carers and any older adults experiencing isolation to come together have a good sing song, a chat and a cup of tea.

  • Innovative Ward Staff Recognised for Excellent Service
    11th December 2018

    Staff at two wards at St George’s Hospital, Stafford which offer care for adults with acute mental health needs have been recognised for providing excellent patient care.

  • MPFT is moving at pace to implement Integrated Care
    7th December 2018

    Integrated care is a priority for Together We’re Better - Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership - and is a key benefit to the formation of Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT).

  • Sarah is recognised as an Unsung Hero by MP Jeremy Lefroy
    4th December 2018

    Sarah Reay is a Healthcare Support Worker at the Hatherton Centre at St George’s Hospital, Stafford. She was named as Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Unsung Hero for her care and compassion and overall contribution to improving patient care.


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