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A children’s nurse is making a difference in more ways than one by volunteering as a community radio presenter in North Staffordshire.

As well as being a Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse with Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust’s (MPFT) Children and Young Person’s Diabetes team in North Staffordshire, Lee Brookes also volunteers as a presenter for 6 Towns Radio (6TR).

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week, taking place from 3-9 June, and Lee credits volunteering for having a positive impact on improving his mental health as well as enhancing his skills and confidence.

Lee explains: “In October, my mental health wasn't good and I spent some time off work. Alongside the support I received from MPFT wellbeing services, going into the radio station and having something different to focus on was, I feel, key to my recovery.

“At 43 years old I thought that I'd learned all that I needed to know, both from a skills point of view and about myself. This couldn't have been further from the truth. I've learned great new skills, and discovered a confidence I didn't think I had.”

Lee added his radio presenting has also given him the opportunity to connect and share information with the communities he works with and listen to his show. 

“In April, one of my youth worker colleagues arranged for two of our young people to come into the studio to talk about their diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes and the impact that it has on their lives. This was an inspirational conversation and is at the very heart of what community radio can and should be doing.”

Volunteers Week celebrates the amazing contributions volunteers make to communities across the UK. For more information on Volunteers Week visit https://volunteersweek.org 

To find out more about MPFT’s volunteering opportunities visit Volunteering : Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (mpft.nhs.uk)

You can listen to Lee’s ‘A&E with Lee’ show on 6TR via DAB, online and via the ‘6 Towns Radio’ app every Tuesday evening, 7-9pm.