We care about your digital skills, and have a range of resources available that you can use to develop and support your knowledge. 

Joining Teams meetings

Below are two documents to support you with joining Teams meetings hosted by MPFT

Develop Free Digital Skills

The iDEA website offers free mini courses to help you develop skills such as coding, social media, and virtual reality.

Free Training from We Are Digital

Through free online training and advice, you can learn a variety of skills including proficiency in using digital devices and equipment, navigating online platforms such as online banking, and understanding how to use different communication tools. The We Are Digital website has a range of resources you can access. 

Learn My Way

The Learn My Way website includes courses on the following areas:

  • Using your computer or device
  • Online basics
  • Office programs
  • More Internet Skills
  • Online Safety
  • Finding a Job Online
  • Improving your health online
  • Managing your money online
  • Public Service Online

If you would like to complete any of these courses and save your progress you will need to register. Make sure you use the Centre Number 8004579 when registering.


BT Skills for Tomorrow

BT Skills for Tomorrow offers free courses to feel more confident and develop your digital skills, including

  • Support with using the NHS App
  • Activities for children
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Online safety
  • Digital basics - including using a computer, using public services online, accessing GPs, video calling and more


Get Safe Online

The Get Safe Online website has videos on how to stay safe on line, including:

  • Protecting Your Computer
  • Protecting Yourself
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Shopping, Banking and Payments
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Communication and Social Networking


Make it Click

The Make it Click website has over 150 resources to help with digital skills.

Find out about things like:

  • sending emails
  • creating a CV
  • editing photos
  • advice for working from home


Digital Unite

The Digital Unite website has a range of 400+ how-to guides covers a whole host of digital topics.

Written by subject matter experts and updated daily, the guides are perfect for supporting others with digital skills or improving your own knowledge.


Learn for Life

The Learn for Life website has over 30 resources to help with digital skills, organisation and finance.

Find out about things like how to:

  • improve your employability skills
  • stay safe online
  • use office programs, like Microsoft Word
  • work with digital devices
  • improve your CV

The Digital Skills Toolkit

On the Digital Skills Toolkit website you can learn about:

  • practical maths
  • computer essentials
  • personal growth and wellbeing
  • professional development
  • business and finance
  • digital design and marketing
  • computer science and coding

Lloyds Digital Skills Training

Whether you’re looking for support with designing your website and maximising its potential with e-commerce, building a strong social media presence, or understanding your customers better through web analytics, the Lloyds Bank Academy can help you develop your skills to use technology to your advantage and grow sustainably. 

Visit the Lloyds Online Training website to find:

  • The Lloyds Bank Academy
  • Free webinars by business and financial experts
  • Website solutions
  • Free trials of accounting software

For beginner one-to-one training from Lloyds, you can call the Digital Skills Helpline, and book onto a free training session. You can learn how to do your shopping online, create an email account, make video calls, and lots more. Visit the Lloyds Skills Support page to find out more.