MPFT is introducing Oxehealth to some of​ our wards.

Using devices installed in patient rooms, the Oxehealth solution allows staff to focus more of their time to hands on activities. 

The Oxehealth solution monitors patients' heart rate, breathing and their movement.

What information do you provide to patients about Oxevision and how it works? 

Patients are provided with a patient leaflet about Oxevision. The details provided are included below

Where is the Oxehealth system installed?

Oxehealth is currently used on a limited number of mental health wards at The Redwoods Centre in Shrewsbury, and St George's in Stafford, with plans to use it in other locations in the future. In each bedroom, a secure camera unit is mounted in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling. 

What does the Oxehealth system do?

Oxehealth's optical sensors allow the staff to remotely monitor your physical wellbeing without always entering the room. Specifically the Oxehealth system will:

  • Enable the staff to take spot-check pulse rate and breathing rate observations without disturbing patients.
  • Let staff know when a second person enters the room
  • Let staff know when a patient get out of, or is near the edge of their bed.
  • Alert staff when patients have entered the bathroom and are out of range of the sensor

If an alert is activated, a member of staff will come to check on their patient's safety.

This technology aims to improve the treatment and care you receive.

How does it help patients?

The Oxevision unit means that:

  • Staff are alerted if a patient is at risk of falling, and can intervene to prevent the fall before it occurs.
  • Staff can reduce the time spent on routine observations, and spend more quality time with patients.
  • In falls do occur, video can be used to identify the cause, so that staff can try to prevent them recurring.
  • Observations are always accurate and on time, and can be taken during the night without the need to wake patients.

How does it work?

  • Totally contact free vital sign spot checks, using a contact free sensor and a CE marked medical device
  • Pulse rate and skin colour change monitored contact free
  • Breathing rates by monitoring chest and body movements contact free

I want to know more or have concerns. Who do I ask?

Please ask a member of the ward team

Are patients given advance notice that the system is in use before they are admitted?

Service users and family/carers are informed as part of the admission process and provided with an information leaflet.

Do patients have the option to stay in a room in which Oxevision is not installed?

At MPFT, if an objection is received from the patient or family / next of kin regarding the use of Oxehealth then their views will be considered and a best interests meeting will be held within the Multi-Disciplinary Team around clinical need, this may lead to the Oxehealth system interface (nurse office monitor or portable tablets) being turned off for the duration of the in-patient stay.

Does the Trust's privacy policy explicitly mention Oxevision and what data is retained, and for how long?

All digital technology involving personal data used within MPFT is subject to the relevant Information Governance process. This includes Oxehealth which is currently being piloted on some, but not all, of our mental health inpatient wards.

Our Trust Privacy Notice covers the use of all health data but does not explicitly mention Oxehealth. Patients are provided with information on the ward. 

In relation to Oxehealth, salient data (raw and unblurred video footage) can be captured on request if there is a situation that the ward needs to investigate further. A request to capture salient data must be within 24 hours of the incident. Salient data is automatically deleted after 24 hours if it is not requested for capture.


If you want to find out more information, including patient guides and research reports, visit the Oxevision website