Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust operates a vast digital network throughout the UK, and manages services across four Care Groups. 

We are always trying to simplify and consolidate our digital systems, and there are a large number of different systems that we use to suit each care group. The table below shows the main platforms that you may see at MPFT, and gives you additional information about each one.

Click on the blue links to find more information about each system.

Digital Services We Use

Name Supplier Find Out More Description




Workforce planning tool used by MPFT District Nursing services.


MPFT App Development Team

Find out more about eConsent

Electronic consent system used by the School Age Immunisations Team, for parents to consent to their child's vaccination.




Clinical eOBs system for therapeutic observations within MPFT’s inpatient mental health wards.

EPS (Electronic Prescriptions Service)

Cleo Systems

Find out more about EPS

Digitises the process of writing and delivering a prescription to a local pharmacy. 


No Isolation

Find out more about KOMP

Simple-to-use screens that allow video consulatation and content sharing for friends and family.

Kraydel Konnect


Find out more about Kraydel Konnect

TV-connected and mounted cameras to allow video consulatation and content sharing for friends and family. 

One Consultation


Find out more about OneConsultation

Video Consultations solution deployed across all four care groups within MPFT for all care services offered.

One Health and Care

Graphnet/System C

Find out more about One Health and Care

Staffordshire Integrated Care Record for all Staffordshire GP registered individuals. Enabling confidential and secure access of care data across care services (Primary Care, Social Care, Acute, Mental Health and Community Care).

Oxevision Oxehealth Find out more about Oxevision

Oxevision allows staff to remotely monitor physical wellbeing without always entering the room. 

Patients Know Best Patients Know Best Patients Know Best A secure system that allowers users to access their own healthcare records, including viewing appointment details, care plans and test results.
SilverCloud SilverCloud Health Find out more about SilverCloud An app allowing users to access and track mental health support. Includes advice and guidance modules that can be completed independently.

The Haywood Arthritis Portal

MPFT App Development Team

Find out more about the Haywood Arthritis Portal

Internally developed interface to allow patients to input data about their arthritis before a consultation appointment.

The Sandbox


Find out more about The Sandbox

An online hub where children and young people can access support and advice for their mental health. 

Total Mobile


Find out more about Total Mobile

Digitisation of Community Nursing paperwork to improve remote working, security and sustainability.