What is Total Mobile?

Total Mobile is the name of an app used by the Community Nursing Team, which they use on a tablet to view your medical history, make notes on your treatment, and order supplies or book appointments that you may need. 

Why are MPFT using it?

The Community Nursing Team have to fill out a large amount of paperwork for all the patients they see in one day. Transporting this documentation around was time consuming, sometimes insecure, and environmentally unsound. The Total mobile app gives them access to more of your information, allows them to keep your data more secure, and saves them time writing up notes which can instead be spent caring for patients. 

Our nursing staff can use their tablets wherever they are, even without internet connectivity, and they can email your GP, order medication, or request equipment for you, while they are still in your home. The tablets can also take secure photos if your nurse needs to add these to your medical records, which will can be very helpful for other members of staff who may treat you in the future. You will always be asked for your consent before any photographs are taken.

The Total Mobile app is helping to free up time for our clinical staff, makes your data more secure, reduces our carbon footprint, and helps us to deliver better care for our patients. 

If you have any questions about the app or tablets, please ask your community nurse who can give you additional information.

Our Trust Privacy Notice covers the use of all health data.