The NHS Staff Survey is one of the largest workforce surveys in the world and is carried out every year to improve staff experiences across the NHS. Each year, the survey is taken during October and November, with the results being published two to three months later.

Over 1.2 million staff across 280 NHS organisations were invited to take part in the 2020 survey. Within our Trust, more staff responded than ever before, and we scored above average in all ten themes, and saw statistically significant increases in all themes.

95% of colleagues who responded to the question 'Does your organisation take positive action on health and wellbeing?' chose 'yes definitely' and 'yes to some extent', which gave us a 13 point increase on last year.

There was an 11 point increase in those staff saying that communication between senior managers and staff was effective, with many colleagues mentioning the COVID-19 Executive Briefings.

Further information and detailed results to each question for every NHS organisation is available from NHS England: