We appreciate all feedback and below are some of the most recent comments received.


"Thank you ever so much for all your help. We really appreciate how helpful and caring you've been towards G and our family as a whole. Appreciate the link too and will have a good nose round now." - Parent

"I have been meaning to send you a thank you card or at least an email. May I thank you for all your help and support for A. A has become so much confident in doing some tasks that we could never think he will.  He is so much better at tasks now than he used to be."- Parent

A’s Mum asked me to thank you, A was incredibly nervous before treatment but has gone home after sessions and shown her Mum what she has been doing and said ‘I didn’t need to worry, Liz is really nice’, Mum says she is really happy with what she has achieved as well.

D’s Mum has asked me to thank you both for your work with D.  She says he comes home after sessions saying how much he loves them, wanting to try new things and that she can see a difference in his skills and his confidence.

“Just to update you: My son E has been able to push off on his bike and ride totally unaided today. The look of pure joy on his face was priceless. Thank you so much for this course. I managed to get a video of him too. We are so appreciative. He really has gained so much confidence.” - Parent

"I have been meaning to send you a thank you card or at least an e-mail, may I thank you both for all your help and support with A. A has become so much more confident in doing some tasks that we never thought he would. He is so much better at tasks now than he used to be." - Parent

"Thanks so much for your detailed report it is much appreciated. I have also noticed much more interest in writing than ever before, the support has been fantastic!"- Parent

"The advice you have given is fantastic, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for the links and your wise words about F." - Parent

"Thank you for the reassurance it was lovely speaking to you about A this morning. Thank you for all your work and support you are offering us, we really appreciate it." - Parent

"I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know what a difference your advice has made and how much we have appreciated your help. When we received the report it helped us in ways we never really expected." - Parent

"Just to say thank you for all of your time today and last week. We feel very fortunate to have had two home visits and for you to spend dedicated time getting to know T. It really means a lot to us as we know it will help ensure he has the right support and necessary guidance going forward. And the fact T (and J) loved spending time with you was also a huge bonus. Thanks again." - Parent

"Thanks so much for the very thorough assessment! L has lots of lovely friends at school and enjoys going... but often says how tired school makes him. Hopefully the fatigue will reduce with all the help you have put in place and as he grows and gets stronger. Thanks again, you and the OT team all do a brilliant job!"- Parent

Parent feedback from the Bike Group sessions

"This is a great way to get kids on to bikes it’s fun way to learn!"

"They were really kind and patient with my child."

"The Occupational Therapy ladies were so supportive."

"All three Occupational Therapist’s were perfect."

"I think the service is excellent."

"They taught my child to ride a bike in 2 days."

"Really do recommend for other people, 100%."

" Very well run. Plenty of time spent teaching and showing."

"Good 2 day activity. With games which the young ones enjoyed. And the bike training really helped progress."

"Was all good. Venue was perfect. And running times just enough."

Parent feedback from the Movement Wise workshop

"A lot of what was covered I had learnt about before but its easy to get into other routines and then forget things, it has been a really good reminder and has made me think about some things we struggle with. The video I'm hopeful will help us with the toileting and knife and fork skills.  Really good to know we can chat to you if we still struggle. Thanks." 

"It was really informative and will try the recommendations."

"It’s been a relief listening to all of this today, thank you.  Sometimes you feel like it’s just us."

Occupational Therapy (Children) Contact Details

East Team (Lichfield, Tamworth and East Staffordshire)

Children's Occupational Therapy
Wilnecote Health Centre
49 Smithy Lane
B77 5LB

01782 427 450


North Team (North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent)

Hazel Trees
Duke Street
Stoke on Trent

01782 427 450


West Team (Stafford, Cannock and South Staffordshire)

The Bridge
Crooked Bridge Road
St. George's Parkway
ST16 3NE

01785 221 664