This service supports people who suffer from persistent pain. Chronic pain has far reaching effects on all aspects of someone’s life. We take a holistic approach to supporting people to manage their pain in a more helpful way, thereby enabling an improved quality of life.

Our team includes:

  • pain consultants
  • specialised physiotherapists
  • pharmacists
  • clinical psychologists

Video Consultations

If you have agreed an appointment for video consultation with one of our clinicians please click on "Join Video Consultation" below.

Once you click you will see a web page which will ask for your:

  1. date of birth
  2. full name

Enter these details and then click "Begin Consultation".

You will then be placed into a virtual waiting room and a clinician will join you through video to begin your consultation.

Please note: our video consultation system does not work with Internet Explorer, please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc...)

For further guidance on video consultation please see: Online Consultations

Chronic Pain Management Contact Details

Phone numbers, fax and email


Edwin House,
Second Avenue, ,
Centrum 100,
Burton on Trent,
DE14 2WF