Representatives of the NHS will be sharing plans to determine the future of the George Bryan Centre with the Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee on 9th August. Plans had paused because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but are set to re-start.

A fire destroyed the west wing of the George Bryan Centre in February 2019. At the time of the fire, the patients in the West Wing were transferred to St George’s Hospital, Stafford.

The fire damaged wing was demolished and the rest of the building made safe and secure. This wing provided inpatient care for working age adults with a functional mental health illness who were acutely unwell.

The East Wing was not damaged by the fire, but the 12 beds for older adults were temporarily closed on clinical safety grounds. As an alternative to hospital, an enhanced service was developed to support older adults in their own homes.

Jennie Collier, managing director for Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who is responsible for the services, said “We are developing a set of proposals for the long-term future of the services formerly provided at the George Bryan Centre.

“These will be informed by an involvement exercise, aimed at people who have experience of the services provided since the fire closed the centre.”

Virtual events will take place in September and will be designed to understand what impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had. They will also be used to capture the experiences of people who have used the services since February 2019.

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