We are celebrating, having moved up the rankings in the national staff survey. Ranked 5th out of 12 Trusts with Picker for positive scores, in 2018 we were ranked 6th.

Almost 5,000 of our staff completed the national NHS staff survey at the end of last year. Their answers demonstrated significant improvements in 21 questions, when compared with the year before. 

Compared with the Trusts of its type and using reports from the Picker Institute, we performed significantly better in 24 questions.

NHS England compares MPFT with 32 organisations that provide mental health, learning disabilities and community services.

In six out of ten areas, in this benchmarking, the Trust is above average in six out of ten areas. These areas include equality & diversity, appraisals, quality of care and safety. In appraisals, quality of care and safety we are significantly higher than last year.

In all other areas, the Trust is average, meaning there are no areas where the Trust is below average. 

MPFT will be celebrating its second birthday in June of this year, having been created from the merger of two NHS organisations in 2018.

Neil Carr, chief executive, said “We have worked with staff to build the new organisation and to make it a fantastic place to work. I am delighted with these results. They show an improvement in the areas where we have been putting most effort.”

The question which refers to organisational values being discussed within appraisals is listed as one of their top five scores and also one of our most improved questions from the 2018 survey, a 5% increase. 94% of staff have had an appraisal in the last 12 months, with an increase of 3% in appraisals making staff feel valued.

Liz Lockett, executive director of quality and clinical performance, added “One of the reasons why MPFT is so special is our approach to staff engagement. We ask staff to challenge the status quo, take ownership of the issues they face and involve the users of their service as equal partners. In this way, our staff drive change, which is enabled by our managers. This brings huge benefits to the people we serve.”

The question relating to senior managers acting on feedback has gone up by 4%.

Alex Brett, director of workforce and development, finished by saying “I am particularly proud of our open and inclusive culture; we will continue to increase the diversity of our workforce, ensuring there are opportunities for all. This year, we saw a 4% improvement in the organisation making adjustments to enable colleagues to carry out work, now at 79%. If you have been inspired to come and work for us, please search Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust on www.jobs.nhs.uk”

The full results are published by the NHS Staff Survey Co-ordination Centre.