The Trust is working both internally and with multi-agency partners to assess risks and develop contingency plans in relation to a ‘no deal’ EU Exit. The Trust has already undertaken work to understand the impact of an EU exit on the Trust business continuity and resilience perspective. This is in keeping with national guidance which was issued by the Department of Health and Social Care in December 2018.

There are seven key areas which have been assessed in relation to a no-deal EU exit, as detailed below:

  • supply of medicines and vaccines
  • supply of medical devices and clinical consumables
  • supply of non-clinical consumables, goods and services
  • workforce
  • reciprocal healthcare
  • research and clinical trials
  • data sharing, processing and access

Each of these areas is being overseen by a senior lead manager from the Trust and plans put in place to mitigate any risks identified and these plans will monitored through the EU exit preparedness group, which will meet from January until April 2019 and as required thereafter. The Trust Board is aware of these plans and they were discussed at Public Board in January 2019.

The Trust is confident that through both local and national preparedness in relation to a ‘no deal’ EU Exit will ensure that people who use our services will be able to continue to do so without disruption during this period of transition.