Singer donates £200 to music project

20190131 HannahandJess

A generous donation will enable more people to benefit from the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s successful UpTempo music project.

Hannah Fermor is a professional singer who regularly performs at The Redwoods Centre, the Trust’s inpatient mental health service based in Shrewsbury.  She recognises the value of music to the well-being of the service users and staff at the Centre, and also says “it’s my therapy”.  Hannah has her own lived experience of mental ill health and is passionate about the benefits of creativity, and the physical benefits of making music.  For her the act of breathing and focusing on the music, and being ‘mindful’ of what you are doing is a vital part of her daily life.

Rather than buying family members Christmas presents this year, Hannah sent a card telling each person she was making a donation to Arts for Health instead.  She said “I didn’t just want to buy more ‘stuff’, particularly as I am really aware of the resources we are using, especially plastic.  Making this donation to something that encourages people to express themselves and make music a bigger part of their lives felt like a much better gift”.

Jessica Kent, Arts for Health Lead said “We are really grateful to Hannah for supporting the UpTempo project.  This has been running for some time offering people using mental health services a range of musical projects such as learning to play an instrument, writing music, and recording a cd.  The sessions also provide social interactions and opportunities for creativity and self expression.  Both participants and clinical staff have seen positive and ongoing benefits from the projects.”